Our vision and values

Here's how we want to make a big difference with our small tab

Our vision

We want health, innovation and sustainability to have a space in every bathroom in the world. 

Our mission

At Denttabs, we understand that old habits are hard to change. We want to use the resources we have - our experience, our knowledge, our passion - to remind you morning and night how you can make a big difference with just one small tablet: For your health and our environment.

Our values


Sustainability is the most important asset at Denttabs. We follow the common sustainability principles and have founded the Circular Packaging Initiative. Here, various companies have come together on the topic.


We challenge the current status quo. And break old habits like brushing our teeth with toothpaste. That takes courage. And we want to pass this courage on to our customers. We want to encourage them to question their consumption more and more.


We are a transparent company and do not shut ourselves off. Whether in dealing with our suppliers, intermediaries or customers, we provide transparent insights into our company, our products, and information about our background.


As a company, we bear a great social responsibility. For people and the environment. We only do what we are 100% convinced of and nothing that harms people or the environment.

Career at Denttabs

Sounds convincing?

We are always looking for motivated talents who share our values. If our vision and mission have appealed to you, apply to join us!

Working at Denttabs


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