Why toothpaste tabs instead of toothpaste?

3 good reasons why you should switch from conventional toothpaste to Denttabs toothpaste tabs

1. Our toothpaste tabs are natural

Good for your teeth!

Did you know that toothpaste with potentially harmful and unnecessary ingredients is still sold today? We use 12 or 13 ingredients that comply with and carry the Cosmos standard for natural cosmetics. And we do not use any ingredients that our teeth do not need or are potentially harmful. From preservatives and consistency enhancers to parabens and microplastics. In return, our tab consists of 70% renewable cellulose. The cellulose fibers in the toothpaste tab are derived from woody plant parts and gently polish your teeth ultra-smooth to the interdental spaces. That's why new particles roll off the surfaces of your teeth. Coatings, also known as plaque, can practically not even arise.

More about ingredients

Did you know that nearly 500 million non-recyclable tubes of plastic are produced in Germany every year just for toothpaste? Our Denttabs toothpaste tabs require about 80% less packaging than toothpaste and are packaged in industrially compostable, bio-based sachets. Less plastic and packaging with more content: one bag of toothpaste tabs equals two tubes of toothpaste and lasts for 2 months. Moreover, the toothpaste tabs can be used right down to the last tab - with toothpaste, up to 14% remains unused in the tube. Both the tabs and the packaging are lightweight, saving significant weight and volume. This means less CO2 emissions during transport. Of course, you can also find our toothpaste tabs in package-free shops: 100% Zero Waste.

Fun Fact: Did you know that toothpaste contains up to 50% water? Our toothpaste tab contains no water.

Sustainability and commitment

2. Our toothpaste tabs are sustainable.

Good for our environment!


3. Our toothpaste tabs are foam free

Researched and tested!

Did you know that you can brush your teeth excellently without foam? We are convinced that foam belongs on beer or in the bathtub but not in the mouth. We have deliberately chosen a gentle surfactant:

Amisoft (Sodium Lauroyl Glutamate). This is a natural surfactant consisting of vegetable fatty acids and the amino acid, glutamic acid isolated from plant proteins. When brushing, it helps proteins, fats and carbohydrates combine with water to flush them out when rinsed. Aggressive surfactants are often used in conventional toothpaste to provide high cleaning power during brushing. Denttabs, according to studies, has exactly the same cleaning power as conventional toothpastes - and with natural and low-abrasive ingredients. Aggressive surfactants have the disadvantage that they can irritate mucous membranes and reduce the fluoride-containing remineralization effect. Users report that they get used to the foam-free experience with Denttabs within 7 days. So: Try it!

Studies and tests

Many good reasons to switch to Denttabs toothbrush tablets:

We have been using toothpaste ever since we can remember: Before we take our first steps or speak our first words, we brush our teeth with a foamy paste. In the morning and the evening. From Monday to Sunday. You're probably asking yourself: Why should I switch to toothpaste tabs? Everything has worked fine so far.

Try now

Effective cleaning

Denttabs toothpaste tabs clean your teeth thoroughly and effectively. This has been confirmed in clinical studies.

Gentle on the teeth

Due to the gentle and less abrasive ingredients, the toothpaste tabs are very gentle on your teeth and enamel.


We use only a few ingredients that are safe and really necessary for your teeth.

Natural cosmetics certified

The toothpaste tabs and the packaging carry the recognized COSMOS Natural standard for certified natural cosmetics.


All our products are 100% vegan.

0% Water

Our toothpaste tablets are water-free. This saves us an important resource. They also keep wastewater clean and can be safely spit into nature.

80% less packaging

Toothpaste tabs and packaging are lightweight and save weight and volume. This means reduced CO2 emissions during transport.

Industrial compostable packaging

We use industrially compostable packaging based on PLA, a corn-based plastic that is bio-based and biodegradable.

0% water

Made in EU, supply chain care, Initiative Kreislaufverpackung, für eine enkelfähige Zukunft, board member of BNW (Bundesverband nachhaltige Wirtschaft) et al.


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