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We do dental care for those who live sustainably and do not want to go without good dental protection.

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Zoom Ukraine aid package

Ukraine aid package

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With this 2,50€ you can support Denttabs in further aid projects in Ukraine and other crisis areas. We will inform you regularly.

You will not receive any goods!

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Zoom Toothpaste tabs Mint
Zoom Toothpaste tabs Mint
Zoom Toothpaste tabs Mint
Zoom Toothpaste tabs Mint

Toothpaste tabs Mint

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Denttabs Mint toothpaste tabs for adults go beyond brushing: They polish your teeth until they're smooth, thanks to the high content of cellulose. Developed by dentists. Natural, sustainable, foam-free. Grab the 6 or 12-month pack and save up to 10%.

The topic 'Ukraine' hits us all very hard. And as terrible as the consequences of Putin's inconceivable attack are, as impressive is the worldwide support of the Ukrainians!
Of course, we at denttabs. help as much as we can!
But the more support we get, the more we can do. That's why we have set up a 'product' that allows you to help us help all those who have been deprived of everything, even on a mundane issue like dental care.
Many thanks to all who help!

Application in the morning and evening

How to brush with the toothbrush tablet

1. chew the tablet.

2. Moisten toothbrush.

3. brush teeth as usual.

Natural cosmetics certified

Climate neutral toothpaste tabs


Industrial compostable packaging


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Researched and tested

Studies, laboratory tests, consumer tests. Denttabs is the most researched toothpaste tab in the world.

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Our conclusion: Denttabs focuses on healthy teeth with its product and achieves excellent results in comparative tests.

Test Aankoop Belgian Consumer Organization

New: Our practical sets

To share with your family, your flatmate or your soulmate.

Also for children?

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What our customers say

I immediately had the feeling of getting smoother teeth. Which was confirmed. The tabs are the dentist death ;-) I had very soft, vulnerable teeth, periodontal disease. My teeth are so neat now that I did not need treatment for years and the dentist only praises. Of course, I recommended him the tabs.

Lisa G.
I was curious. I had been told that after about six weeks, I would notice how smooth my teeth were. I have always walked around with my tongue on my teeth since then. Really - after six weeks, there was a success. Now when I have a dental cleaning, I keep my smooth teeth much longer. I think it's wonderful.

Philipp W.

The cleaning result is much better than with toothpaste. In addition, I still find it extremely good that you can spit everything into the bush afterward without harming the environment. That's why I took Denttabs with me to Nepal on our hiking tour. That was an excellent feeling, not having to break the environment.

Peter H.

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For the whole family



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