To the founder story

How did the first toothpaste tab come about and who was behind it?

Step by step to the first toothpaste tab

Foundation dental laboratory

In 1992, Axel Kaiser and his two brothers founded the dental laboratory proDentum in Berlin, which was intended as a sales organization for the parent laboratory in Singapore initiated by brother Christoph, and which provided patients with high-quality dental prostheses at significantly lower prices.

First idea in doctoral thesis

Axel supported one of the dental clients in the practical part of his doctoral thesis at the end of the 90s. Subject: Development of an anhydrous toothpaste with the background that many ingredients unnecessary for dental care but potentially critical for the body could be avoided.

Innovation: The toothpaste tab

After some trials and a lot of research, a powder was initially created. More out of curiosity, it developed into a tab, which was first sold in the fall of 2003.

Foundation of Denttabs

On 01.01.2009, Denttabs innovative Zahnpflegegesellschaft mbH was officially founded, which previously ran as a project of proDentum.

"If something isn't right, we definitely won't do it at Denttabs."

Axel Kaiser, founder of Denttabs

About Axel

Axel is not a trained dentist, as one might assume. After graduating from high school, he initially trained as a car mechanic to give his hobby a more professional foundation. In his alternative service, he taught himself programming in the early 1980s and worked in the field as a technician and lecturer until 1992. As a photographer, he has incidentally photographed stars such as Michael Jackson or the Rolling Stones at concerts in Berlin. 

Besides Denttabs, Axel is on fire for sustainable business. In addition to Denttabs, he is involved with the Bundesverband für Nachhaltige Wirtschaft e.V. (BNW), is a founding member of Bürgerenergie Berlin (BEB) and politically active. He is an avid sailor in his spare time and spreads his favorite hashtag "#WhenRightWasAlwaysWrong" wherever he can


Interview of Axel about sustainability

Axel talks about his vision for the future, the Fridays-4-Future movement and political responsibility as a company.

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