What do we stand for?

Grandfathering is the greatest asset at Denttabs.

Sustainable business and engagement

For a future worth living for all.



We want to use the resources we have - our experience, our knowledge, our passion - to remind you morning and night how you can make a big difference with just one small tablet: For your teeth and for our environment!

Axel Kaiser
Founder and CEO of Denttabs


  • Integrity
    As a company, we bear a great social responsibility. For people and the environment. We only do what we are 100% convinced of and nothing that harms people or the environment. We are constantly striving to find even better solutions.
  • Responsibility
    We challenge the current status quo and finally break an everyday practice that was believed to be right, brushing with toothpaste. We encourage questioning our daily consumption, sharing our knowledge on how we can make the world a much better place! We get involved in politics and society.
  • Transparency
    Whether in dealing with our suppliers, intermediaries or customers, we are open to positive change processes, provide insights into our company and inform about the background. We comply with our duty of care in the supply chain.


Denttabs is involved in the German Sustainable Business Association (BNW e.V.), cooperates with the US-American NGO Clean The World has founded the Circular Packaging Initiative and is involved in various educational, health and sustainability projects, such as The Green Practice.


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