Veganuary 2022 - this is what we can achieve with the Challenge.

The start of the new year also marks the beginning of Veganuary. A movement that has been getting more and more attention in the media and from big companies since 2014. The goal here: to inspire people to eat vegan for 31 days and to engage with the positive effects on our bodies and the environment.

In doing so, last year, 2021 set a new record with 582,000 participants (Official Signups Veganuary Challenge) and offered the tremendous potential for 2022 and years to come. Half a million participants may not sound like much at first, but according to market research, ten times more people are inspired and take the Challenge to heart. (Source: Veganuary) Are you one of them?

This is what we can achieve with the challenge

The positive effects of veganism on nutrition, health, climate and animal protection are enormous. For example, 50% of Veganuary Challenge participants in 2021 confirm that their well-being has improved for the better after participating. In addition, they report more energy in everyday life, better mood, improved skin picture and a positive change in body weight.

Eating a vegan diet has an impact on our bodies and has a positive effect on climate and animal protection.

Vegan toothpastetabs

Animal welfare is also close to our hearts at Denttabs, which is why all our products are 100% vegan and animal-free. We have appropriate certificates and confirmations from all our raw material suppliers that both the ingredients and the packaging materials are vegan. Within the EU, it is not allowed to test cosmetic products and their components or packaging materials on animals or to import and sell such cosmetic products. On this basis and out of our conviction, our products are not tested on animals. Click here for our toothbrush tablets.

Want to know if your beauty products are vegan? Helpful sites like Peta approved and Codecheck can help you investigate the manufacturers and ingredients.

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