Veganuary 2022: Tips for a successful vegan start to the new year

Since 2014, the Veganuary Challenge has inspired millions of people to eat vegan for the first 31 days of the year. Many companies and restaurants worldwide are also advertising new vegan products and experimental vegan menus. It's not without reason that veganism is one of the most rapidly growing diets that actively addresses animal welfare and environmental protection.

Have you also started the new year vegan but can use one or two additional tips for a vegan lifestyle? Then we have something for you here. In this post we suggest three tips for a successful vegan start. In addition, our colleagues Nane, Annette and Janina will tell you their favorite recipes for a quick vegan meal. Because, surprisingly, many dishes can be prepared from plant-based foods with only minor changes. 🌱

Three essential tips for the vegan start

1. Take small steps to success

If you've decided to live or try a vegan lifestyle, you're already a whole step ahead. As soon as you choose to change your diet, it is essential not to put yourself under pressure because this is the only way to avoid disappointment. At the beginning of vegan nutrition, one must first make itself familiar with many new habits. Minor exceptions for example in the restaurant are completely normal!

2. Inform yourself in detail

You must inform yourself about plant-based foods and their benefits with a vegan diet. Inform yourself about plenty of vegan protein sources such as tofu, sunflower seeds, chickpeas, and Co., and consider how you cover your daily protein needs. You can find great tips for a vegan start in the PETA Vegan Start App.

Do you travel a lot and have a hard time finding vegan restaurants? No problem! Use the HappyCow App to track down vegan restaurants around the world. 👏

3. Increase portions

When following a vegan diet, it's essential to eat enough. Sounds great, right? 🎉 Compared to animal products, plant-based products have fewer calories. It is all the more important to eat enough plant power! At first, this will certainly be unfamiliar to you, but your body will become accustomed to it after a few weeks and accepts the new diet.

Vegan in the Denttabs kitchen

Are you already part of the Veganuary Challenge but still looking for inspiration for easy and super delicious vegan recipes? Our employees Nane, Annette and Janina reveal their favorite vegan recipes and tips for a vegan diet.

Nane's tip for a vegan diet 

Our HR and accountant, Nane, has been eating a vegan diet for many years and is entirely motivated by animal welfare. Her tip on how to eat a vegan diet for the long term: "Stay focussed. Once you've made it through the first few weeks, it just goes by itself. It's all just a matter of getting used to it." (We already know that about changing habits with Denttabs 🤓).

Nane also shared her favorite recipe with us: vegan bolognese. Nane cooks the recipe from blogger Bianca Cazapatka at least once a week. Click here for the recipe.  

The vegan potato salad that won't disappoint you

"It's really, really good."

Our sustainability manager Annette shares her favorite recipe of the best vegan potato salad from the vegan food blog Zucker & Jagdwurst.

Go to the recipe 

Janina's favorite protein source

Janina has been following a strict vegan diet since the summer of 2021. Before that, she still made exceptions for dairy products now and then in everyday life, e.g., in restaurants. Janina's favorite protein source: the versatile tofu. 

Have we inspired you to adopt a vegan diet and lifestyle? We are curious. Feel free to share your opinion, experiences, challenges or thoughts about the Veganuary and a vegan lifestyle in our comment section below.

Good luck to you

your Denttabs Team 🌱

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