How to replace household cleaners with baking soda

Grandma always knew: baking soda is a miracle weapon in the household and replaces many an aggressive cleaner. Soda, also known as sodium hydrogen carbonate, has long been forgotten, but the white powder is a real all-rounder: soda removes odors and moisture from shoes, it removes limescale from kitchen appliances or faucets, it cleans even stubborn stains, it makes water softer, you can use it in personal hygiene or for health. The uses of sodium bicarbonate are almost unlimited as it is perfect for cleaning due to its fungicidal, odor neutralizing and antibacterial effects.

Today, we'll show you seven great ways to replace household cleaners and the like with baking soda, saving not only the environment but also your wallet.


Soda as a drain cleaner

Soda reacts with vinegar or citric acid by foaming up and bubbling. So instead of pouring aggressive, usually chlorine-based, raw cleaners down your drain, you can instead put 2-3 teaspoons in and then add a sip of vinegar. The foaming reaction that occurs will dissolve grease and debris. After a few minutes, top it up with hot water and your drain will be not only free of dirt, but also unpleasant odors.

Use sodium bicarbonate as a fabric softener.

Fabric softener is often a burden on the environment and on the sensitive skin of many people who react to the fragrances and dyes.

To get your laundry pleasantly soft, you can replace fabric softener with 2-3 teaspoons of baking soda. The water in the rinse cycle is then softened significantly and your laundry comes out of the machine pleasantly soft.

Baking soda for window cleaning

Your window cleaner is empty and you want to switch to the natural alternative? Save your old spray bottle and fill it with water and 2-3 tablespoons of baking soda.

The soda-water mixture will dissolve grease and dirt and make it easier for you to clean your windows without streaks.

Baking soda to remove odors

Whether in your sports or casual shoes, wearing shoes regularly will sooner or later lead to unpleasant odors in your footwear - especially if you're prone to sweaty feet.

Instead of using so-called shoe and foot deodorants, you can put a few teaspoons of baking soda powder into your shoes, spread it around, and let it soak in for 2-3 days - depending on how unpleasant your shoes smell.

The baking soda powder not only neutralizes the odors but also sucks the moisture out of the shoe, which reduces the reformation of unpleasant odors.

Soda as a WC cleaner

In combination with citric acid, very little water, and a few drops of essential oil, you can make your own toilet tabs in no time. These are powerful and the optimal replacement for the chemical, aggressive counterpart from the supermarket. You can store the tabs in a dry and cool place for a long time. Since the ingredients cost little, you even save money here compared to the purchased tabs.

Baking soda as a bathroom cleaner

Soda removes not only grease and dirt, but also lime. A damp dishcloth dipped in baking soda water or a sponge wrapped around calcified faucets gently removes stubborn limescale without the use of aggressive limescale cleaners.

Soda as a kitchen all-rounder

Whether you want to clean burnt-on food from the hob, the oven or that particularly greasy pan: Natron is your partner in crime and the power gun for stubborn dirt in the kitchen. You can mix a paste of water and baking soda, apply it to the stains, let it work for a short time and then clean it with a simple sponge or cloth. The baking soda dissolves the dirt and grease from the surfaces, so that cleaning takes only half as long.

We hope we've given you some inspiration about sustainable alternatives for your household, and that you've now got a real appetite for cleaning.

Can you think of even more applications? Then let us know your tips in the comments. We are excited and wish you a #plasticfree start into the new week.

Your Denttabs Team

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