Denttabs toothpaste tabs in the final of the German Sustainability Award

We have reason to celebrate. Because our Denttabs toothpaste tabs have made it to the finals of the German Sustainability Award in the Design category, now it's time to keep our fingers crossed. 

Finalist in the German Sustainability Award in the Design category 

The Stiftung Deutscher Nachhaltigkeitspreis e.V. (German Sustainability Award Foundation) announced that Denttabs toothpaste tabs had been selected as a finalist in the German Sustainability Award Design 2021 by a top-class jury of experts. The prize is the most significant award in Europe on social and ecological commitment and is awarded in cooperation with the German government.

The foundation sees the year 2020 as a turning point, as the limits of the Earth system will be revealed more than ever. Therefore, product designs that advance true change for the world were sought for the submission. As such, the 2021 Sustainability Award honors the best role models for sustainable product design that drive transformation in innovative, bold and effective ways.

And with our Denttabs toothpaste tabs, we made it to the finals in the Icon category of the "Design" competition!

Together with 25 other competitors, some of them long-time friends and partners from the industry, we are now eagerly awaiting the grand finale on 03.12.20.

Denttabs toothpaste tabs are the sustainable alternative to toothpaste in a tube, which is standard in millions of households. Our toothpaste tabs have the potential to save more than 1 billion non-recyclable tubes per month globally.

So the smart design of Denttabs turns the conventional "toothpaste" product on its head due to its inherent sustainable properties - because Denttabs are aesthetically pleasing, designed to be highly functional, and transform an everyday habit.

But that's not all: 

Small tablets that are chewed and form a paste in the mouth - with which the teeth, almost as usual, are brushed and gently polished. Our tabs  

Consist of 100% natural ingredients do not contain water, require minimal packaging, are smaller and easier to transport. 

This product design means Denttabs have a virtually eternal shelf life, plus no unused product residue is left behind. Denttabs is the first toothpaste alternative that can be sold unpackaged and, even minimally packaged, saves large amounts of packaging. As a result, disposal also produces far fewer pollutants. In this way, everyone can conserve resources daily and make their contribution to saving raw materials and climate-damaging CO2 in a very uncomplicated manner.

"We are delighted that our toothpaste tabs have received such great recognition in terms of their social significance by making it to the finals of the DNP. We would also like our approach to encourage other companies to think of their products in a new and sustainable way, and thus fit for the future," says Axel Kaiser, founder of Denttabs.

Dr. Martin Neubauer, CEO of Denttabs, affirms, "With the willingness to leave familiar paths and engage in new forms of application, the most fundamental change has already begun."

In December, the winners will be decided by a top-class jury of experts with prominent representatives from design and sustainability.

Let's keep our fingers crossed together and flood the world with sustainable alternatives and change it a bit. 

More about the German Sustainability Award and the list of all finalists can be found here:

Your Denttabs Team

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