DIY: Plastic-free Christmas season

Plastic-free Christmas season:

Have you ever made a Christmas wreath out of an old cotton shirt? No? Then grab a warm tea, cookies and be mindful because we have a Christmas and especially plastic-free DIY for you in the bag.

It's getting colder outside, the decorations in the department stores are more colorful and the anticipation for Christmas is growing.

Does celebrating Christmas in a plastic-free and sustainable way work? Yes, that works out wonderfully and is fun because you can give free rein to your creativity, tinker, and get into the Christmas spirit with natural decorations. No unnecessary plastic, no glitter - but sustainable Christmas decorations to make yourself, DIY gifts for your loved ones and a lot of pre-Christmas magic.

In the coming weeks, we'll show you how Christmas can be made sustainable:

DIY gifts and great surprises for your loved ones around the theme of sustainability with matching sustainable packaging and homemade Christmas decorations - let us surprise you and best follow us on Instagram or Facebook not to miss any of our sustainable posts anymore.


Christmas time equals contemplation time and to this belongs the right decoration at home, which brings you only really in the Christmas mood. It does not have to glitter and sparkle because decorations made from natural and sustainable materials have their unique charm. Today, we're making an Advent wreath with you that doesn't require much.

Advent wreath DIY:

  • A wreath made of straw or wood
  • An old, worn-out cotton shirt in matching colors
  • Some fir, eucalyptus and berry branches
  • Pine cones etc. for decorating


Step 1:

We took an old, worn-out cotton shirt for our wreath and cut it into many 4cm wide and about 10cm long strips.

You then knot these around your wreath, making it nice and "bushy." This does not have to be neat. The wilder, the more beautiful.

Step 2:

Now take some greenery, such as small fir branches, eucalyptus and berry branches. Just tuck these lightly under the fabric ribbons.

Step 3:

Now all you need is a few pine cones, some eucalyptus, dried orange slices, and pieces of wood around it et voilá: your sustainable and guaranteed plastic-free Christmas wreath is ready.

There will be the next post in a few days with a lot of added value and a surprise for you. Don't miss it!

Until then, be sure to click through our other posts on sustainability here on our Denttabs blog.

We wish you a wonderful holiday season.

Your Denttabs - Team

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